Conference: Building an Artificial Intelligence mobile application with GeneXus

September 30, 2015

swift swim infrastructure

As we were finishing the last details and submitting our up to the Apple Store we were invited to present our solution to the 25th Annual GeneXus conference in Montevideo, Uruguay (#GX25). We’ve shown how GeneXus was used as part of our Software Development Architecture

GeneXus is a software development solution used by companies, corporations, software houses and governments all over the world. Its business knowledge-centered approach makes it the most agile and productive tool for all development projects. It is a Cross-Platform, knowledge representation-based, development tool, mainly oriented to enterprise-class applications for Web applications, smart devices and the multi-platform. A developer describes an application in a high-level, mostly declarative language, from which native code is generated for multiple environments. It includes a normalization module, which creates and maintains an optimal database structure based on the user views of the reality described in a declarative (rule-based) language. The languages for which code can be generated include C#, COBOL, Java including Android and BlackBerry smart devices, Objective-C for Apple mobile devices, RPG, Ruby, Visual Basic, and Visual FoxPro.

On this conference we focused our presentation on the technology underlying SwiftSwim operation. We’ve shown the use and value of External Object on iOS devices and Web as well as a brief introduction to our Infrastructure Design.

You can watch the complete presentation on here: